Enterprise mobility is a key factor that is steadily serving the sales initiatives of most companies today. Many companies are investing on building Apps that would streamline and improve their commercial processes. Corporates are now able to get more efficient work done by transforming their paper, spreadsheet, and email driven field operations with a powerful smart solution that works on the iOS platforms.

“eCatalog” is one of such solution that has resulted in remarkable achievements in improving sales performances. eCatalog is an easy to use application built on the iOS platform to showcase details of your products to aid the sales process. The features of the application include Product Listing, tagging, classifications, descriptive pages, specifications, videos, HD images and an extremely refined system for searching and product comparisons. All this is available at the touch of a finger.

Corporate Managers or Admins have the possibility to access a highly secured online dashboard website where they can control all data aspects of the application. They can edit, delete, modify and add products.

Build your eCatalog with Dunamis, and take your sales initiatives to the next level.